July 1, 2020

In this Article, You Will Learn Everything about Artificial Intelligence Including:

  • AI and it’ objectives
  • Market Value
  • Why python is used in Artificial Intelligence(AI).
  • Many More

So, if you want to learn about AI this Article is for You!

Let’s Jump Right in,

What is Artificial Intelligence?


Wikipedia says,

"In computer science, artificial intelligence is the intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans and as well as animals.

Artificial intelligence is the simulation of Humans by Machines,

they can work on their own without commanding and can Perform accordingly.

John McCarthy One Of the Founders of AI Defined artificial intelligence as,

the science and engineering of making intelligent machines in a sense.

AI is a technique to  achieve machines to work and behave like humans.

In the recent past AI has been able to fulfill this by creating machines and robots   that are being used in a wide range and

critical fields like healthcare, business analytics and many more.

However many Artificial Intelligence applications are not recognized as AI

because we often  Believe that, Artificial intelligence are big robots doing our daily work.

However the real truth is artificial intelligence has found an Easy way into our daily lives it has become so detailed that

we don't even realize that we use Artificial Intelligence (AI) all the time.

Who coined the term Artificial Intelligence?

One of the founders of Artificial Intelligence, John McCarthy Coined the Term Artificial Intelligence in 1955.

But the question is Who is John McCarthy?

John McCarthy Was a Famous Computer Scientist And One of the Founders of AI in 1995.

John  Was Born on September 4, 1927, in  Boston Massachusetts, United States and He Died on October 24, 2011, Stanford, California.

What are the Objectives of Artificial Intelligence?

  • AI aims To Replace The Efforts For Repetitive Tasks to  Save Time for Other tasks.
  • AI aims To Ease Missions In NASA(National aeronautics and space administration) as they are  Very Critical Human Life Tasks.
  • AI aims To Make Machines More Relevant For Humans.
  • AI Is Very Helpful For Making Of Medicines and Cure Life Taking Diseases.

Those were the Objectives of Artificial Intelligence (AI),

Now You've known about Artificial Intelligence let's  learn about the Market value of Artificial Intelligence.

What is the real market value of  Artificial Intelligence?


In 2016, Artificial Intelligence market was valued at 4.06 Billion dollars and  is  forecasted to reach $169.41 billion by 2025,

registering a Compound annual growth rate(CAGR)  of  Total 55.6% from 2016 to 2025.

What is Machine Learning?


Machine Learning Is an Appeal Of Artificial Intelligence (AI ) that provides systems the ability to learn and Improve from generations of Experience without being programmed.

It Aims At Development of Programs that Get data And Use it To Improve Themselves.

Now You've Got The basic Idea of what Machine Learning,

let's Dive into Why Python is Used in AI, Machine Learning and Many More!

Why is Python used in AI and Machine Learning?


Python is Best For Machine Learning and Deep-neutral Learning due to the Following Reasons:-

#Python is Rich in Library.

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence  require processing of vast data and python has a very large collection of Library

which makes easier for Developers  to implement functionality so,

They Don't Have to Code From Beginning.

You may Have a Question like what is a Library?

In simple words, A Library is a Collection of Compiled modules that a program can use.

They are Used to Store Frequently used modules, as you don't have to link them to every program that uses the Library.

What are the Libraries that are used in AI and  Machine Learning?

- Sci kit-learn

Sci kit-learn is the most Useful library for ml it includes classification, regression, clustering, and dimensionality reduction.

- Pandas

Pandas,  is Used for Data Manipulation, data structures, and Operations of numerical tables and Time-series known as panel data.

 It also allows importing of various file formats such as Excel, CSV and so on.

- Keras

it is an open-source neural-network library, it holds the capability of running on top of TensorFlow, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, R, and So on.

It focuses on being User-friendly, modular, and extensible.

- TensorFlow

TensorFlow is an open-source ai library, it uses DataFlow graphs to build modules. It is used for classification, perception, prediction, Discovering, and Creation.


it is a python Plotting Library, it handovers an object-oriented API For embedding plot into programs using Tkinter, Qt, Wxpython, and so on.


Natural Language Is A Platform for programs to work with human intelligence data to apply in statistical Natural Language Processing text processing libraries, classification, stemming, tagging and semantic reasoning are the Main Contents of NLTK.


It is A library For the processing of images in python Programming Language, includes algorithms for segmentation, geometric, color space, analysis, and so on and Other libraries are PyBrain, Caffe, StatsModels.

Now, You've known about the Libraries, let's Jump into Reasons why Python is used in Machine learning and AI!

#Python Has a Very Low Entry obstacle.

Machine Learning means Dealing with large Amount of Data In an effective way Possible.

It allows the Developer to start using Python For Ml and AI. 

Python Language has a Simple Syntax That makes the Learning Process Comfortable and Easier.

#Python is Flexible

python offers an option to use scripting or object-oriented programming (oop).

We don't have to Recompile to the Code and Can Implement any Changes and see Changes Real Quick.

We can Even Combine python with Other languages To Make Work Even more Convenient.

#Python Can run on any Platform.

it is easier to code And to Run we need to Makes Changes in Some Lines of Code to Make The File Executable for the Favorable platform.

 PyInstaller Can be Used To Prepare Code for Favorable Platforms.

#Python Has very Large Community Support

Support Is needed To Solve Or Discuss a problem.

Luckily python Has A Strong-helpful community to ask for help or discuss for every level programmer.


I hope you enjoyed my new Article about Artificial Intelligence. 

Now I’d like to hear from you: 

Did you already know about Artificial Intelligence?

 If so, what’s your favorite feature About AI? 

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