November 15, 2020

We use Google every day to search for even basic terms,

students use it for their study purpose,  business use it for research purposes, and many more!


The main problem is You just don't know how to use Google to its full potential.


Here are 14 google tips to save your time and effort,


Let's Dive right in,



Tip 1: Colon to Search Specific Sites only!

Sometimes you may need to search for articles/content on a specific/certain sites,

colon is USED to search For a Specific article/content on a Web-page.

For Example:

Add cookie consent to


Tip 2: Using Tabs in Google


This is a Basic Tip to use google, Whenever you search anything on google there are several tabs like Web, Image, News, Maps, Books, Finance to help Find what kind of search you want.



All: It shows the list of Articles in simple Words.


Image Tab: it shows Image for The search term. For example, search rose and tap on Image Tab, there you will find many Images of Rose.


News Tab: it shows a Recent News Article around your search term!

For Example: Search news and tap the news tab,  you will find recent news around the World.


Tip 3: Using Quotes

Whenever you are searching for something specific use quotes to search for the Whole phrase.

For example: Search For “keto diet” it will search for the exact phrase and the search results become Small so you can find the Exact Information you need!



Tip 4: Finding a Page that links to another page!


This Google search tips to search for a page that links to another page.



Usually, this tip is used to find out Cited links.


For Example

You can see all the sites that link to Search Engine Journal, it can Be useful for some but not for everybody



Tip 5: Finding Related Sites


related: tag is used to find similar Websites, For example 


 you can see Sites that are similar like bing, yahoo!, DuckDuckGo, and many more!


This Tip can be used to Find New sites that are related to your search phrase.


Tip 6: Using multiple keywords and once!


This Tip is used to search for more than one keyword or long-tail keywords/ long Phrase.

For example: “artificial intelligence” or “what is artificial intelligence”

This will search for pages that contain these words!


Tip 7: Conversion

Google can convert currency, measurement units, and many more!

  • You can Convert USD to NPR(it can convert every currency quickly and accurately)and vice versa.
  • CM to M
  • KM To Miles

This tip can be used to solve your math problems.

Advanced Google Tips!

Tip 1:  using intext: or allintext:

allintext: and intext: can be used to search for pages that contain specific keyphrases.

You can use other operators like “intitle:”, “allintitle:”, “inurl:”, “incanchor:”, “allinanchor:” to ask google to show you pages that contain your search phrase.


Tip 2: using definition: operator!

Let’s say you don’t know what “ironic” means, go to type definition:ironic in the search bar and google will show you the definition of the term ironic!.


Tip 3: Using “<keyword>location:” operator

You can find the exact location of your keyphrase by using the location: operator.

Let’s say you don’t know where Beni is located!


Just put beni location: in the google search bar and you will get your answer Real Quick!


Tip 4: searching within the specific domain!

You can use site:yourdomain search query to search within the specific domain.

Let’s look at this example!

I want to learn how to add cookie consent to blogger within PENTLI to do so,

I will simply type cookie consent to blogger.

By doing so, it will instruct google to show the page that contains the search query.


Tip 5: Specific Search

There might be some subject that might have irrelevant search results,

use tilde symbol between you two subjects like Nepali - culture, it will only show the pages containing the two subjects!


Tip 6: Track Your Package

type your tracking code in google search bar and it will sshow your the link to tracking page.

Tip 7: Weather!

You can Find the Weather Of your area or any area you want to know, Go to search for  Weather Your area.

For Example: Type Beni Weather.



Those were 14 basic and Advanced Google Search Tips to Get Accurate search results!

Did You Like Tips Mentioned in this Post?

Are You Going to Try those google tips?

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