October 27, 2020


Top Hacking tools Loved by an Ethical hacker in 2021 :)

Let’s Kick Off the learning Process of Ethical hacking,

Specially in this Post I am going to cover the Best hacking tools That a Ethical Hacker Loves.

I’ll also show The Wifi hacking Tools For Android Later in this post

Let’s Dive in,

What is Password Cracking?

Password Cracking is The Process to Recover passwords from the data that have been transmitted or stored by a computer system.

What is Wi-Fi Hacking?

Wifi Hacking is The Process of Cracking The Security protocols of a Wireless Network that grants full access for Cracker to Extract your information for their needs

Best Password Cracking Tools / Hacking Tools.

Password Cracking is a part of figuring out The Process of Learning Ethical Hacking,

Here you can find some notable Cracking/Hacking Tools That Ethical Hackers Use.

The Password Cracking Tools mentioned ahead in this list are for educational purposes only and one is expected to use them to test their own security. Hacking or attempting to crack someone else’s WiFi security without permission is a criminal offense.


L0phtCrack is A Password Recovery and Auditing Application That is Produced by L0pht Industries.

L0phtCrack is Used to test the Strength

of the Password and To recover Lost Windows Passwords by using Brute-force

attack, Dictionary Attack, Hybrid Attacks and Lastly Rainbow Tables.


Some Features of L0phtCrack

  • L0phtCrack Quickly Provides a Scoring Metrics That Evaluates the Password Quality.
  • L0phtCrack Provides Capability to Import passwords from
  • Remote Windows or UNIX Systems.
  • L0phtCrack does not require a third party
    Utility to import passwords.
  • L0phtCrack also Provides Support The system Administrator onPreventing accounts form
    Weak Passwords,

Note That L0phtCrack also Supports

The Administrator To Set a Time For
Passwords to Expire After a Certain Time.

Download Link:- LophtCrack


OphCrack Is A Program That Can Crack

Windows Passwords By Using LM Hashes Via Rainbow Tables,

it includes ability to import hashes from a variety of formats.

OphCrack is an Open-source Free and Reliable
Password Cracking Tool,

but it is not Very Flexible Sometimes OphCrack cannot Crack Every single Password as it is Bundled with Abridged Rainbow Tables, unless and

until you supply/provide your own Rainbow Tables for OphCrack.

It Does Not Work on Windows 10.


Some Features of OphCrack:

  • OphCrack Runs on Multiple Platforms Such as , Mac OS, Linux,Windows, UNIX/LINUX
  • OphCrack Cracks Both NTLM Hashes and LM Hashes
  • OphCrack includes Free Tables Available For Windows Platforms Like Windows Xp, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • OphCrack has an in-built Brute-Force module to Crack Simple Passwords.
  • OphCrack Has CSV Export and Audit Mode
  • OphCrack has Real-Time Graphs That Analyzes The Passwords or To Analyze the Passwords
  • OphCrack includes LiveCD Available To Simplify The Cracking process of Passwords.

Download Link:- OphCrack

3.THC Hydra

THC Hydra or Simply Hydra is a Network Logon cracker, it works by using a set of methods to crack passwords

using Variety of approaches to generate a possible

password,Hydra Uses Many methods to Crack Passwords like Brute-Force Attack, WordList Attack and other methods.


Hydra Supports many protocols like Cisco enable, CVS, Firebird, FTP, HTTP-FORM-GET, HTTPS-FORM-GET,


MYSQL,Asterisk , AFP, Cisco AAA, Cisco auth and many more others.

4.John the Ripper

John The Ripper is A Password Cracking tool Originally Developed For UNIX OS and It Can Run on Many Other

Platforms.It Falls among the most frequently used password testing and Cracking programs.


Some Features of John The Ripper

  • John The Ripper Includes lots of Crackers in one platform/Package.
  • John The Ripper Auto Detects The Hash Type Used by Passwords.
  • Many Types of Encrypted Passwords Can be Broken by John The Ripper.
  • You Can Customize The Cracker Yourself.

5.Cain and Abel

Cain and Abel is a Password recovery tool for windows that can recover Many kinds of Passwords by using methods,

likes cracking,packet sniffing and Various Password Hashes by using method Such as Dictionary Attack, Brute Force

attack And Cryptanalysis attacks, it offers features like Dumping Password Hashes, Lists of accounts, Remote

Registry editing and many more.


For Those who are not Familiar with the word Cryptanalysis.
According To
WikiPedia Cryptanalysis is
Cryptanalysis is the study of analyzing information systems in order to study the hidden aspects of the systems. Cryptanalysis is used to breach cryptographic security systems and gain access to the contents of encrypted messages, even if the cryptographic key is unknown. Wikipedia


According To The tools.Kali.org

Wfuzz is a tool designed for brute forcing Web Applications, it can be used for finding resources not linked (directories, servlets, scripts, etc),

bruteforce GET and POST parameters for checking different kind of injections (SQL, XSS, LDAP,etc), bruteforce Forms parameters (User/Password), Fuzzing,etc.

According To The tools.Kali.org

  • Some Features of Wfuzz are:
  • Colored Output and Html Output
  • It offers cookies Fuzzing And Multi-threading
  • Proxy ,Multi threading and Sock Support
  • It Offers Authentication Support and many more
  • You can Read the Full List of The Features Provided By Wfuzz From Here


RainbowCrack is A Program that Generates Rainbow Tables To Crack Passwords.

RainbowCrack Differs From Brute Force That Uses Large Rainbow Tables To

Reduce the Length of time needed To Crack A Password.


Some Features of RainbowCrack:

  • It Includes Rainbow Table Generation,sort conversion and Lookup.
  • RainbowCrack Supports Rainbow Table of Any Hash Algorithm
  • It also Supports Rainbow Table in raw file format(.rt) ,compact file format(.rtc) and rainbow table of any charset.

8.Brutus for windows

Brutus is a Free Fast and Flexible Remote Password Cracker, it was written to help check routers and

others for common passwords.


The Current Brutus Cracker Release Includes The Following:

  • IT Offers Multi-stage Authentication Engine
  • Now You can target 60 simultaneous Connections
  • Now You can see Modes like No username,Single Username and Multiple Username.
  • It Now Offers Highly customisable authentication sequence
  • Check Out Other Features From Here

Best Wireless Hacking Tools.

Wifi-hacking or Wireless hacking is the part to figure out The Process of Learning Ethical Hacking,

The Wireless Hacking Android apps mentioned ahead in this list are for educational purposes only and one is expected to use them to test their own security. Hacking or attempting to crack someone else’s WiFi security without permission is a criminal offense.



Aircrack-ng is a network software Consisting of a Packet sniffer, WEP,Detector, and WPA/WPA-2-PSK Cracker Tool For 802.11 Wireless LANs.

Aircrack can Work With any network interface controller Whose Driver Supports the Raw Monitoring Mode and Can Sniff Too.

Aircrack-ng is also the primary application that is used for password cracking, it is capable of using statistical

techniques to crack WEP, WPA and WPA2 after capturing the WPA handshake.


AirSnort is a wireless LAN (WLAN) tool That cracks encryption keys on 802.11b WEP networks and operates by

passively monitoring transmissions, computing the encryption key After enough packets have been captured/gathered.



NetStumbler is a tool for Windows that helps in or facilitates detection of Wireless LANs using the 802.11b, 802.11a and 802.11g WLAN standards.

NetStumbler can run on Microsoft Windows operating systems from Windows 2000 to Windows XP. It cannot run on Windows 10.

  • It is used for Wardriving
  • iT is used in Verifying network configurations
  • iT is used in Finding locations with poor coverage in one’s WLAN
  • iT is used in Detecting causes of wireless interference
  • iT is commonly used in Detecting unauthorized (“rogue”) access points.
  • Know more about NetStumbler from Here.



inSSIDer is A Wi-fi Network Scanner For Windows and MAC Os X That is Developed BY MetaGeek LLC.

it is used to Enable The Users To Review The Different Wifi Access Points That are Displayed With Their Network Names,signal Strength and Security.

You can gather information from wireless card and software by using InSSIDer.

Wireshark is a free Open-source Packet analyzer tool commonly used in network troubleshooting,Communications Protocol Development.


Wireshark is a Used to Capture Network Packets, Everybody Nowadays uses networks to login to Websites and Wireshark

Can Sniff the Login credentials From the network.



coWPAtty is a Tool to run a Brute force attack against the WPA-PSK, you can use this tool to Find The Weak Passphrase Used to generate the PMK.


Airjack is a Wi-Fi Packet injection tool, used to perform DOS(Denial of Serive) attack and Man-in-the-middle Attack,

Airjack is Very Useful in Injecting Forged Packets And Turning down The Network Via DOS Attack.



WepAttack is a Open Source Linux Tool to Break 802.11 WEP Keys,

it is based on an Active Dictionary Attack, One packet is required to start an attack.


OmniPeek is a packet analyzer tool for Network Troubleshooting and Protocol Analysis. It is a Paid Tool.


Best Wifi Hacking Tools For Android 2020

Here, is the list of best WiFi hacking tools for android that a Will Lift Your ethical hacking Knowledge.

1.Kali Linux Nethunter

Kali NetHunter is a Free and open-source Mobile Pen testing Platform For Android Devices based on Kali Linux,

 It is available for Unrooted devices and For Rooted Devices That have a Custom Recovery and NetHunter specific Kernel is Available.

Download Link : Kali Net Hunter

2.Zanti Wifi Hacking App

Zanti is a Penetration testing toolkit That is Developed by

Zimperium Mobile Security For Cyber security Professionals.

It allows users to Simulate malicious Attacks on a Network. By using Zanti You can perform Operations Like MITM

Attacks, Mac Address Spoofing, Scanning,password Auditing, Vulnerability checks and many other Operations

Download link :- Zanti


3.Wifi Inspect
Wifi Inspector is a simple Tool that allows you to see all the devices connected to Your Network ,


it allows you to save a List of Trusted or Known Devices with a custom name.

Download Link: Wifi


Reaver for android is a Wifi Password Hacking App that is simple to use for Android SmartPhones.

Reaver Detects WPS-enabled Wireless Routers.

Reaver Launches a Brute-force attack to crack The PINs of the WPA/WPA2 passphrases,

it is able to target AP’s Plain text WPA/WPA2 passphrase in Like 4-5 hr Sometimes even 2 hrs.

Download Link: Reaver

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5.Penetrate Pro


Penetrate Pro is a simple tool that

has the potential to take care of your WiFi analysis needs.

It requires rooting to work and scanning the WiFi networks available around.

It works with different kinds of routers and calculates WEP/WPA keys.

Penetrate Pro is a Simple Android Tool That

Can Take A Good Care Of Your/Our Wifi, it Works

with Different kinds of Routers and Calculates WEP/WPA Keys.

Download Link: Penetrate Pro

6.WPA WPS Tester

WPA WPS Tester is the most popular Wifi

password hacking android app developed to

scan the Wifi Networks For Loop holes,

It is Known for The Ability to Break Into The Wi-fi Security.

Download Link : Wpa Wps Tester

7.WiFi Kill


Wifi kill is a All time Ethical hackers Favourite Android Wifi Hacking App
Wifi Kill is an application that Allows

You to Disable the Internet connection

of a Website, in simple words it

allows you to Get rid of Unnecessary Users on Your Network.

Download Link: Wi-fi Kill

8.WPS Connect
WPS Connect is an android app that

only works on rooted devices, it allows you to disable others' Internet connection.

It is Developed to Test The Security of the Router.

Download Link: WPS Connect

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WIBR+ Was Originally created to test the security of the Wi-fi Networks, This App Cracks Wifi Passwords

Using Brute-force and Dictionary Attacks. It Takes Time to crack the Password


Download Link: WIBR +


NetSpoof is an Android wireless hacking tools, that lets You redirect Traffic on your network by ARP Replies.

You will need to Compile The Apk By Yourself as the Apk Provided in the Github is not Read to install.

Download Link: Netspoof


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Which Of the Tools are you going to use?

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