May 25, 2020

Heating of Phone is a Common problem.

We can Minimize it by Implementing the Solutions I've mentioned in This post.

Let’s be real, who loves Heated Smartphones? Seriously nobody Loves their phone to heat while using them and later in the is post,

you will learn about the reasons for heating of phone. Stay tuned.

In this guide you’ll learn all about:

  • Reasons for Heating
  • Solutions
  • Step to know The Battery consumption

Specifically, in this article, I’m going to cover all those culprits that Play the role in Heating of phone.

Preventing your phone from heating is an  Extremely important step  to Keep your smartphone healthy.

Let’s start by Knowing that Slight heating of your phone is OK, until and unless it starts Malfunctioning.


is Heating a Problem?

No, it's not a problem. However, when your phone is too hot to Touch,


your Phone might display a sudden heat warning and your phone might malfunction due to Overheating,  that’s When the problem starts!

Causes of Heating of phone:

Prevention is better than cure, Same applies to the  Heating of your Phone!


We pay a huge contribution to the heating process of our Mobile phones, as we are careless while using them.

Reason Why your phone is Heating:

  • The temperature of Your Surrounding

Using your phone in Hot areas, or In-front of Direct Sun Rays Leads your phone to Heat, and It leads to the damage of your phone’s processor and battery due to high temperature.

Be Cautious While Using your Phone in Hot Areas or in front of the sun.

  • Many Apps in The Background.

We have a really bad habit of running multiple apps in the background that overuse the Processor, Drains the battery fast, and obviously increases the phone temperature


Never forget to Clean all the Apps running in the background to help your Phone’s Processor Function Properly.

  • Extreme/Gaming For Hours


When I First Installed PUBG and played in high settings, my phone could probably Iron shirts! >:O


Always play games in Low to Medium settings to Create Space for your processor to Function properly, fast, and it will Decrease the temperature of your phone to a Healthy level.


There are Tons of Android 3D Wallpaper Apps. 


Wallpapers depend on your phone's CPU And GPU To render, 


They can drain your battery fast and Can Cause Heat Problems. 

Only use battery Friendly 3D Wallpapers for your Phone!!

  • Virus/Malware

Whenever you Download Android Apks From Third-Party Sites, You get Virus Downloaded in Your Phone with That Apk.


Malware or Viruses are made by a hacker that Consume Too much processing Power,

Viruses/Malware load unwanted Apps or Do real bad things with Your phone like Stealing information and many more that causes Your Phone to Heat And drain your battery fast.

  • Junk data Of Your Phone.

Unnecessary Files and Apps In your Phones Consumes too much Processing Power and Heats Your Phone.


You can find Many Android Phone Junk Cleaning Apps That can Help your Phone to perform better and faster.

  • Use of Phone While Charging.


Using a Phone While charging is Dangerous. 


Many Users Have Died Using the phone while charging it is an unhealthy activity that can cause the life of your phone or Even Yourself.


 The usage and battery charger supplying charges Extremely contribute your battery to overheat and Damage your phone and Will overheat.


Using the phone while charging the phone pays a huge contribution to the heating of your phone and damage to your battery!

So, it is extremely recommended that do not use the phone while charging.


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  • Wifi and Other Hardware Components Over Use.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Overuse of Other Hardware Components Causes your Phone To Overheat and malfunction.


 Whenever your phone Gets heated I strongly recommend you to disable your Wi-fi, Bluetooth, or any other features that can drain the battery and Overheat your phone.

Some Tips to minimize heating of the phone:

  • Clear all the Apps running In the Background.  
  • Stop Using Phone or place your Phone in Hot surroundings.
  • Use Your Mobile Data or Wi-fi where You can get Full Wi-fi/Data Range.
  • Don’t Use Your Phone While Charging.
  • Turn Airplane mode to Shut Down Wi-fi Connections That May Push The Limit of Your Processor.
  • Get Rid of Junk to Fast and Stop Overuse of Your Processor.
  • Dim Your Brightness.
  • Play games on low to Medium Settings.
  • Replace Your Charger, Chargers having Fault can Cause your Battery to damage.
  • Update your apps to the Latest Version.

Know the apps draining your battery.

  • Go to Settings 
  •  Battery manager
  • Click on Power details

And here is the list of Apps and Features using your Battery.

Charge Your Phone Fast:

  • Switch Your Phone To Airplane mode.

  • Use Fast Charger or Original Phone Charger to Keep Your Battery Healthy and Fast

  • Turn off all the Unnecessary features Like Wi-fi, Bluetooth, Mobile Data, Background apps, and Many more while Charging.


Those were all the Reasons why your phone is heating!

Are you going to try the solutions mentioned in this post?

let me know by leaving a Quick comment!

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