September 22, 2020

Adding Cookie Notification in Blogger is Easy, Today in this blog post I will show Show You How to Add Cookie Consent Notification to Blogger.

Let’s Dive In,


What is Cookie?

A cookie is a Very Small Piece of Data Sent From a Site your browsing to Your Web Browser You are using in-order to Browse the Site.

Whenever you Load the Site For Example Google or PENTLI your browser sends the cookie back to the server about your Activity

( Like Logging Activities, Shopping Carts in E-commerce Sites, or any other thing that The Server should remember to enhance User Experience.) 

Almost Every Sites Use Cookie To improve user experience by remembering your preference.

Now European Union (EU) Law Requires Sites To Give the EU visitors Information about Cookie that is used in your site, These laws require your site’s to Obtain Consent From the visitor.

Blogger is a Platform that allows Multi-user blogs, It was developed by Pyra Labs, which was bought by Google in 2003. 


Now Google has added a Notice in Blogger to Meet European Union (EU), Laws.

The Notice Allows The EU Visitors to Know about Google Use of Cookies on the Blog Which Includes Google Analytics and Adsense Cookies.

How to Check Cookies notification in Blogger?

Blogger might probably redirect you to your country-specific domain. In which case, you will not bale able to see the Cookie notification. In that case, do the following:

If You are outside of European Union ( EU) and Using Default Blogger Domain like,

you check the cookie the Way cookie Notification is shown to EU Visitors by Typing The Country Specific domain, 

Like: ( ,

NCR stands For No country Redirect that Forces Blogger to Stay in the Domain You Typed

( Like:

How to Add Cookie Notification to Blogger?

  • After Clicking the Link Above You will Redirect to Homepage, 

  • Click on Download Open Source.

  • Click on Start Coding

  • Customize The Cookie Notification As You Like and Move to Next Step

  • Copy the CSS Code and Paste  Before </head>

  • Click on Save and Again copy another Code and Paste before </body>             ( Search </body> Before Pasting the Code)

  • After Pasting the Code Click on save.
  • Final Result Looks Like This!

Over to You

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