August 21, 2020


I was taking my Mobile Out to Send a E-Mail to a Good Friend of Mine, and suddenly my Keyboard Played The Game Against Me( Was Showing Unfortunately Gboard has Stopped working).

I tried everything, but  It Just Didn’t Want To Work the Way it Did Initially.

So, today I am Going to Show You How to Fix keyboard not working in Android Device.

Let’s Jump Right In.

SOLUTION 1:  Restart Your Keyboard To Fix Keyboard not Working in Android Device.

 Restarting the keyboard can be very useful in solving the problem. 

1..Go to the Settings of your mobile device.

 Scroll down to the Apps section and Tap on Application Manager ( You may have to Go to Storage, then apps and perform Below steps).


2.Now look for the app Android Keyboard and tap on it.


3. Now tap on Force Stop to stop the keyboard.


SOLUTION 2: Clear Cache and Data of Your Keyboard


Clearing the Cache of Your Application Clears the Corrupted Files that is responsible for The Possible Error, Clearing The Cache Doesn’t Delete the essential files of your application, so there is nothing to worry about it.

But note if you have changed/customized the settings of your app, it will return to its initial stage you will need to change your app settings like it used to be before clearing the cache.

To clear Your Cache Follow this Steps:

  1. Go to the Settings of your Mobile device. 

2.Tap on Application Manager( In some Devices You might have to Go to Storage -> Then Click on Apps -> Then Find Your Keyboard app ), which is under the apps section. 


2. Now look for the keyboard app( It can be a Default Keyboard or third party keyboards that you have installed.)

3. Tap on the keyboard app 


4. Tap on Clear Cache (you can tap on Clear Data too).


 5. Tap on OK to confirm

SOLUTION 3:  Update Google Keyboard (or any other keyboard you are using)

On my Lava Iris, I fixed the Problem By Updating the Gboard( Google Keyboard). 

If you are using any Keyboard ( Like Samsung Keyboard or any other keyboard), update the Keyboard, and it should fix the problem.

To update Your Keyboard.

  • open Play Store

  • tap on three horizontal lines and then 
  • tap on My apps & games. ( or simply type in your Keyboard name in your search bar)

  • If there is an update for the keyboard, 

  • tap Update.

SOLUTION 4: Reset Your Keyboard Settings.


Mobiles like Samsung use their Default keyboard. You have the Full Control over the keyboard to reset the settings that Can Surely Fix this Error.

For Samsung Keyboard Users, follow these steps to reset the settings: 

  • Go to the Settings menu of your device 
  • Look under System for Language and Input and 
  • tap on it Tap on Samsung Keyboard( just Like You Did Earlier)
  •  Now scroll down and tap on
  •  Reset Settings Once the keyboard settings have been reset,
  •  check if the problem  with The KEYBOARD has been solved or not.

Note: If You are Using Gboard as Your Default Keyboard in Your Lava Device, Clearing The Case Might Help You to Fix The Error!. 

In my Case Clearing the Cache Didn’t Work, I Will Tell You How I Fixed my Keyboard Issue at last.

Simply Follow This Step to Clear Gboard Cache:

  • Go to Settings

  • Tap on Storage & USB( Your Mobile Device might Have Application Manager)

  • Tap on Internal Storage

  • Click on Apps

  • Now Scroll till You Find Gboard or TouchPal 

  • Click on Gboard.

  • Click on Clear Data to Reset The Gboard Setting( You will Have to Update the Gboard if you Cleared the Data).

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SOLUTION 5: Factory Reset Your Mobile Device.

 (To Fix Your Keyboard not working in Android Device.)


If your keyboard in Lava or Any Device still does not work, then I Recommend You To Factory Reset Your Phone, my keyboard issue was fixed by Simply Resetting My Device to its initial Stage.

 By Factory Resetting, you will be able to bring Your Mobile’s software back to its initial stage.

But Note: Factory Resetting will wipe all data from your Mobile Device and you will also lose all applications that you had installed. Just Make Sure to  Keep Your Device Data Backup.

To Factory Reset Your Phone Follow This Steps:

  • Go to Settings

  • Scroll Down and Click on  “ More “ .

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  • Click on Backup & Reset

  • Now Tap on Factory Data Reset.

Once Your Mobile device has been reset to factory settings, then you can check if the problem with the Keyboard has been solved or Not. 

You can then restore Your data and Use Your Mobile Device as Usually.

Over To You

Those Were The Methods to Fix Your Keyboard not Working in Android Device.

Did the Methods Above Work For You? If yes/no

Do Let me Know by leaving a quick comment!

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