June 8, 2020

Today In this Post I will teach You how to use Child Theme in WordPress!( In my case, am using GeneratePress Theme!)


Let's Begin,

What is a Child Theme?

A child theme is a supplement for your existing Parent theme in WordPress. 

Child Theme is a Theme that inherits the Functionality and Styling of Parent Theme, According to The WordPress Codex.

Child Theme is Used to Modify The Parent theme Without Losing their Style and Functionality.

Now, the Question arises “ What is a Parent Theme Now “?

The parent theme is a Theme That is Proclaimed by the Child Theme.

Parent Theme Feature Allows The Developers To Take Big Advantage of a huge WordPress Theme, by editing Theme with child themes.

Parent theme features allows a WordPress Developer to take advantage of a WordPress theme by Editing with Child Themes!

Now, You’ve Known About The Parent and Child Theme, Another Question Will Be



PRABEJ How Can I us A Child Theme for GeneratePress? You Need Not Worry, I am here To Help You Out.

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How To use Child Theme in WordPress For GeneratePress!

Go -> Download GeneratePress Child Theme.

Now Open Your WordPress Admin Panel -> Click on Appearance -> Upload Theme >


Upload Your Child Theme -> Activate the Theme as Usual


After You've Successfully Uploaded The Theme It looks like This ->


Every Theme(Like Neve Theme , Hestia Theme, and many more) Provide Child Theme, Download Their Child theme, and Upload To Your Site.


Note That You Might Need to Re-upload Your site Logo.

To Change The Logo 

Go to -> Appearance Customize ->

Site Identity > Upload Your Logo


Add Copyright To Your Site

Go to -> Appearance Customize ->

Layout ->

Footer > Add Copyright

Some of Us Don’t Like To Add a Child Theme, and Luckily there is a way to Edit Functions.php.

There is a Plugin For WordPress called Code Snippets That Exactly Does What we want to ( Edit Functions.php)


To Install Code Snippets: 

Go to > Plugins > Add New > Search Code Snippets and Click on The Very First Item.


Click on Install Now -> Wait for Sometime -> Click on Activate.

Now, an item will be Added Named as Snippets.

How to Add Code to Your Functions.php?

Click On Snippets-> Add New.


And You will be Redirected To the dashboard of Code Snippets.


Add Your Snippet Title, Code To Add in Functions.php, Description -> After You've Filled The Title, Code, Description -> Click on Save Changes and Activate.

Now, You've Successfully Added Code To Your Functions.php.

If Your Ran into Any Problem While Adding Code,

Make Sure You Leave a Comment Below so I Can Help You out !!

That's all for my Guide,

How to use a child theme in WordPress.

Which of the Methods Mentioned above are you going to Try?

Let me Know by Leaving a Quick Comment Below.

Methods Above Are Safe and Easy To Make Changes to Your Functions.php, and There’s Nothing to Worry About!

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