July 8, 2020

In this Article, You Will Get Basic Overview about information Technology Including:-

  • Information Technology

  • Cyber Security with its Benefits

  • IT Person

  • Types of Cyber-Attacks!

  • Highest Paid IT  Jobs

  • Must have Skill-set for an IT-Person

  • And Many More!

So, if you want to learn about Information Technology this Article is for You!

Let’s Jump Right in,


What is Information Technology (IT)?


Information Technology is considered to be a subset of information and communications technology,

Humans have been storing retrieving manipulating and communicating information since the Sumerians in Mesopotamia developed writing concerning 3000 B.C.

 The term information technology in its modern sense 1st appeared during a 1958 article published within the Harvard Business Review authors,

 Harold J Leavitt and Thomas L Whistler commented that the new technology doesn't yet have a single established name we shall call it information technology.

Their definition consists of 3 categories techniques for processing the application of statistical and mathematical to decision making and the simulation of higher-order thinking through and the Programs.

The term is often used as a synonym for computers and computer

networks but it also encompass other information distribution technologies,

such as TV and telephones several products or services among within

economy AR associated with information technology including computer hardware, software, physics, semiconductors, internet telecom equipment, and E-commerce,

Based on the storage and processing technologies used it's

possible to distinguish four distinct phases of IT development pre-mechanical

electro-mechanical and electronic.

IT is the use of computers to get, Store, transmit, and manipulate data. It is used in business operations. It is a Subset of ICT(Information Communication Technology).

The Example of IT includes Landline, Mobile Phone, Types of Software, PC with Its Accessories, text, audio, graphics, and video.

Benefits of Information Technology?

  • Less Time Consuming

  • Efficient Delivery

  • Cost Saving

  • Reduced Machine Or human Error

  • Accurate Information

  • Mass Communications

Are the Jobs in Information Technology Hard?

The skills needed are not too difficult if you have the real passion to learn the skill. Nowadays, students are not going campus due to The online course, providing better value than campus.

Who is IT-Person?


A person is someone that  is Involved with an IT job In their Respective Department.

IT-person helps the office staff With the computer work to maintain the Server as it is the Back Bone of Big Corporation and Organization.

Now You’ve Got rough idea about an IT-Person, you should probably know about the IT Jobs that Pay the Most!

List of IT-JOBS That Pay the Most!


Must-Have Skill-set For an IT-Person-:


Creative Thinking

Creative thinking is Must-have skill set along with Problem solving and Communication Skills.

Basically Creative Thinking is the Way of Looking at Problems from Fresh Perspective And Finding Solutions.

Communication Skill

Communications skills is the ability to Use when you are out giving and Receiving Varities of Information about New Ideas, Feelings. It Basically involve Listening, Speaking and Observing 

Problem-Solving Skills.

Problem solving is a Important Skill that should be  Developed For both Individuals and Organizations To Identify the Problem, Figuring out the Problem and Obviously Figuring Out The Action to Fix the problem.

What is Cyber-security?


Computer security, cyber-security or information technology security is the protection of Computer systems and networks from the thievery of or injury to their hardware, software, or electronic information.

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Some Types  Cyber Attacks:-

  • DDoS

Distributed-Denial-of-service is The Attack To Make a Resource unavailable  Temporarily.

The Process Of Gaining Unauthorized Access to The System is Known as Hacking

To Know More About Hacking Click here.

  • Malware.

A small program or software which is designed to cause damage to The system, server, PC, network.

  • Phishing

It is The Attempt To Extract Sensitive Information by Tricking The Victim.

  • Spoofing

It is the process of disguising Data from an Anonymous or Unknown Source.

  • Ransomware

The Virus That Locks A Users Files and Asks For Ransom is Known as Ransomware.

  • Spamming

Repetition of Message on the same Website is known as Spamming.

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  • SQL Injection

Websites Having SQL Vulnerability Can Be Hacked By SQL Injection. It Retrieves Data From SQL Queries To Extract Additional Results.

The Key Elements of Cyber Security Includes:-

  • Application Security

  • Information or Data Security

  • Network Security

Some Benefits Of Cyber Security?

  • Secures our Data Online.

  • Protects Our Systems From Viruses, malware, and so on.

  • It Protects Financial as well as Personal Information Online.



What Is The Average Salary of Information Technology Jobs?

A person earns more than 82k Annually(It depends on the field and the Company/Organization he works in so data might not be accurate)

Software Developer Is Voted as The Top Job in 2020.

Are the Jobs in Information Technology Hard?

The skills needed in IT Field are not too difficult if you have the real passion to learn the skill. Nowadays, students are not going campus due to The online course, providing better value than campus.

Skill-set For an IT-Person-:

  • Creative Thinking
  • Communication Skills
  • Problem Solving Skill

These are the basic Skill an IT-Person should Have!


I hope you enjoyed my new Article about Information Technology. 

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