May 15, 2020

To assist you to learn to program effectively - here are the Exclusive Quick Tips to learn Programming language fast and Effectively.

Without Wasting any Time,

Let's Dive Right in,

#Pick one Language

Choose a Programming That You want To Learn, choose language cause you want, not because your friend or brother got a Job Fast.

For Example, You wanna Learn Android Development and You got know your friend Landed his first job with Web Development,

Now you will jump to Web Development  And Vice Versa, in the end, You will quit Programming  As you didn’t learn anything about any language as you jumped between Languages.

Pick one Programming Language and Stick

It after You are confident about the Language Fundamentals you can choose another programming language

But in the initial stage Focus on only one Programming language and master the Basics/Fundamentals.

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#Teach What You've Learnt

The Most Effective Tip you can get is to Teach what you’ve learned, a Recent study found that Teaching helps you Understand and Retain What you’ve Learnt. 

Join Meet Ups and teach someone there what you’ve learned, it Proves you Truly Understand the Logic.

You can Earn Money by Teaching. Make A Course/info products and Sell It on Udemy or any Other Platforms,

Work as a  Freelance it will help Learn New Technology as well as Teach Other The Fundamentals.

#Discipline to learn to program effectively

Figure out The main reason You want To Learn Programming Take a Course, Read  Documentation


Articles and Books  Related to The Programming Language You’ve Chosen.


To Learn Any Subject You will need to have The Burning  Desire then only you will be Disciplined towards Learning.

Some Tips to Master Self-discipline:

  • Know Your Real Weaknesses 
  • Set a Clear Goal and Action Plan
  • Practice The New Subject You're Trying to Learn About.

#Ability To Sit on Computer for Hours

Most Of The People Out There can’t sit In-front of The Computer,

Those Are the popular people, have many friends,  Interesting Events going on in their life.

For A Person like me, I can Sit in front of a Computer for Hours 

I know it’s unhealthy but I can Sit in front of a Computer and Mind my Own Business.

To Develop That habit, Grab a cup of coffee/Tea sit For Like 30 min, take a break and Repeat And you will start developing the

habit to sit in front of computers and Focus on Your projects.

#Coding By hand 

Coding by hand is one of the effective methods to learn programming/Program, coding by hand requires

Precision, caution, the intent behind lines of code, You can’t run hand code to check if it is correct or not, 

This kind of restriction makes You a More Fundamental Developer.

#Self Learning

If you stopped learning For Years, you will get Outdated.

For Example A Doctor at the age of let’s say 50 yrs he/she become Experienced but on the other hand If IT Person/Coder  Stopped Learning He/she will get Outdated.

So what I mean by that is a Programmer Should never stop the learning process keep up with the Change in Technology and You’re good to go.

 Nobody Teaches You Like Java, JavaScript, and So on, No one ever held an engineer’s hand. The Programmers Out there are Self Taught.

The most important part of the learning process is not To Remember but To Understand the Fundamentals.


Are You Going to Implement these Tips?

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