September 15, 2020


Top 15 Free Ping Submission sites List in 2020!

Top 15 Ping Submission Sites that Will Instantly Boost Your Search Traffic and Search Engine Ranking in 2020

ping submission sites , Helps Your Site To Grab Search Engines Attentions Such as Yahoo, Google, Bing, in other Words,

ping submission is a process to notify Search Engines That You’ve Updated or Published a

New Post In Your Site/Blog to Quickly Crawl and Indexed Your Post.

Pinging Helps Your Content To Get Indexed Quickly and Drive More Traffic,

I’ve Personally tested this Ping submission sites one by one and They all Work Great!


is  Ping Submission still Useful For SEO?

Yes, Pinging of Websites is useful For SEO, it Helps Your Site To Notify Search Engine About the Latest update of Your Blog/Website and Search Engines Will Index Your URL/Site Fast. Your URL Might Improve Ranking With Ping Services

Ping Submission Site List 2020

Top 15 Ping submission sites:

Ping-o-matic  is a Free Pinging, it Notifies Search Engine About Updates about Your Sites. Pingomatic is Updating Regularly,

So You site Can Be Pinged To Latest Search Engines Without any Error. 

DA: 51



 A List of Pinging Sites is incomplete Without Pingler, it is Without Doubt Best Pinging Service To Get Search Engines to Crawl and Index Your Site.

To Ping With Pingler, Enter Your Keyword, Your Blog URL, Choose Your Category, Click Ping.

DA: 43



Mass Pinger is a Bulk Ping Service That Notifies Search Engines on the Mass pinger dashboard you have the option to add Your URL, Accounting Keywords to Index Your WebLog.

DA: 18

Backlink Ping is a Ping  service to Notify and Index Your Backlink Fast!

You can Use it for Your blog post too!.

DA: 16


Twingly is Providing Effective Ways to Increase Blog Traffic. Twingly has Lots of Data That Can be Used to Grab Attention of Search Console to Crawl Your Entire Site!

DA: 68

ping-submission-sites is the best Ping submission tool That You can increase Website Traffic Quickly, You can Use To Send Signals To Search Engines Like Google, Bing, Yahoo! So they can Crawl Your Site Real QUCIK!

DA: 36


Pingoat is a Free Ping Tool, You can Use Pingoat To Increase Your Website's/Blog's Popularity in The Eyes of Great Search Engines like Google, Bing and Many More.

DA: 22


ExciteSubmit is a Free  Website Submission Service that Submits Your Site to 1,690 Directories To Get Your Site To Crawl and Index Your Site Fast.

DA: 28


Blog Ping Service that Pings Your Blog/Website To Search Engines and Blog Directories that You've Updated Your Blog/Website Which Will Help Search Engines to Index Your Blog Quick and Provide Your Content For Broad Audience! 


Site24x7 is a free ping service to Grab Attention Of Search Engines to Crawl And Index Your Site Fast!


Bonus Sites For You!



It is useful to Use Ping Your site, But Do not Overuse Ping Submission Sites  As it will Result in Penalty or Total Website Ban  by Search Engines.

Now it's Your Turn

I’ve Listed all the Very Best Ping Submission Sites to Get Your Sites to Quickly Crawled and Indexed!.

 It’s Up to You Which Ping Service You're Going To Use. 

  • Ping-o-matic
  • Pingler
  • Mass pinger
  • backlink ping
  • excitesubmit
  • Pingoat
  • Twingly
  • Total Ping
  • PingFarm
  • Pingates
  • FeedBurner
  • Nim Tools

Ping Submission Sites I've Provided, are  Safe and Help You Improve Your Search Engine Ranking, Generate Organic Traffic as Well.

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