April 23, 2020

Wanna Know The Steps Start a Blog For Free?

Listen, There are many things to consider while creating a Blog A Blog and I will Go with each and Every steps later in this Post.

 I have Tried many Blogging Platforms in the past 3 years, like Medium, Blogger, WordPress and Other platforms.

FYI, I am using WordPress Nowadays,

in this Post I am going share the Steps To start a blog from scratch with Blogger.


What is Blogger?

Blogger is a Free Blogging Platform That allows a User to create

Many blogs under one account,


In simple words Blogger is a Product of google that provides free hosting and multi-blog under one account.

If you don’t have custom domain Blogger

provides subdomain called .blogpsot.com,

it is beginner friendly and secure without any Cost!

How to Create A Blog from Scratch with Blogger?

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Steps To start a Blog.

  • First Choose a low competition  Blog niche, for example :- Food, Fashion, LifeStyle and many more.
  • In Blogger you will not have to Register a Domain or If you want custom url you can Register Custom Domain
  • Customize Your Blogspot Blog as a Professional
  • Promote Your Blog
  • Get Traffic
  • Monetize your Blog

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  • First Go To Blogger.com and Login Using Your Gmail Account.

After You’ve signed in Using your google account

You will get Redirected to The Dashboard of Blogger.

  • Creating Blog 

You will find a Button in Left Corner,

Click in that button.

You Will See a  Pop Up Like this!


Click on Title Text box ( It is used to Give Title to Your Blog)

I have set my Title to AlphaSpecsBlog 

After you’ve set the title

You can find another Text box which is used to give Address for your blog,

For ex:- example.blogpsot.com

Add Your Blog Address Like i used alphaspecsblogonline.blogspot.com

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  • Post Article

You can Post unlimited Article in Blogger,

In The Article Box I’ve Written a Demo Article which I am going to publish.

You can change the Font of your blog post.

Verdana Looks Good On Blogger Post.


 Published Blogger Post Looks Like This 

Note: You can change the Theme of Your Blogger To make It Look Professional.

Later in this post, You will find the Way to Change Blogger Theme.


Choosing A Domain Name for Your Blog.

This Step is not madatory unless you ant a Custom Domain For Your Blogspot site.

Domain Name if you want to connect custom domain to Blogger 

Having a Good Catchy domain is The Key to Attract Visitors To Your Site.

Choose a Domain Related To Your Niche, Later in This Post I will show You

The Steps to Choose a Niche, Stay Tuned.

Now, Let Talk About Choosing a Perfect Name for Your Blog

According To Your Niche.

First Have a Seed Keyword To Include in Your Brand/Domain Name.

Use Your Fantasy And Create Whooping 4-5 Name with The Seed Keyword, 

Choose The Top 3, Similarly, the No 1 Best Name From Those 3.

See The Examples Below That May Help You Get a Quick Idea to Generate/Create Brand Name.

List of Names to Get Concept about Creating Name for brand/domain.

  • Facebook.com
  • hostgator.com
  • shopify.com

There are lots of Brand Name generators that you can use to Create Catchy Name for Your Brand/domain.

Watch this Video to Connect Custom Domain to Blogger.

Best  SEO Settings For Blogger 

Insert Image

There are some SEO Settings To Consider While Creating Blog in Blogger.

Go-to setting(Basic)> Add Title, Description and Enable HTTPS Redirect >Go to Settings(Search Preferences)>

Add Meta Description, Enable Custom robots header tags.

Scroll Down to Crawlers and Indexing to click and enable custom header tags for Your blogger Site!


After Enabling headers tags Click on Home Page Tags


in Home Page : Tick [All] and [noodp].


in Archive and Search Pages:

Tick [noindex] and [noodp]

custom-robots-tags-for-archive-and-search pages

in Default for Posts and Pages:

Tick [all] and [noodp]


And click on save changes. Now, You can Rank Your Blogspot.


How to Connect Blogspot site to Search Console

Google Search Console is a web service by Google which allows webmasters 

to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites.

In simple words Google search console is a Web Service developed by Google that

allows Webmasters to Check the indexing status of their respective sites.

After You’ve Connected your site to Search console Don’t forget to Submit

Your SiteMap.

Go to Google search console

Click on Add Property In The Left corner of Search Console Dashboard


Then, PopUp Will Appear like this:


Click on second Option( URL Prefix):


Click on Continue:

Note, if you have .blogspot site Your Website Will be automatically Verified.

But in-case you have custom domain you will have to verify your site With  The Steps 

Provided by the Search Console.

After You've Added Your site .blogspot Address and You will see Like This:


How to Choose a Perfect Niche For Your Blog!

Choosing a Niche, It is The Most Important Thing to Consider While Creating a Blog.

If you Lost the Track While Choosing a Niche Your Site Will Not Be Successful.

You Can Create a Micro-niche Blog, Niche Blogging,

Micro-niche Website is a simple Website containing very few Pages,

 as it focuses on a Specific Keyword,

You can Find Tons of Profitable ideas by creating a Micro-niche site.

you can take Udemy Coupons as a micro-niche site.

Before Choosing A Niche Consider Following Points:


When you choose a High competition Niche like Fitness, Recipe and many more You will have a hard time Ranking in Search Engine as It is Highly Competitive.

So, choose a low competition Niche So Your Site will Build Authority and Trust To Rank For Competitive Keywords.

2.Search Volume

Imagine, you wrote an Article and you got 10 Views, after that you quit as your article didn’t enough views

Exactly Same Thing will happen to your Blog if you Don’t focus on Search Volume.

Don’t Go for High search Volume as you will find it more Competitive than Low to Medium Search Volume. 


If I told you A Niche that is Profitable and Less Competitive, 

You are not Passionate About the Niche is Told You.

Find a Niche Your Real Passionate about.

People are not Earning 

Money cause They Wanna Make Money, People are earning money

because They are Solving Real Problems In Their Sector/Area. 

If You are interested in Cooking , Cooking Is Your niche, If you

love Doing Comedy, comedy is your niche.

Watch This Video to Find Perfect Niche For Your Blog!

Can You Succeed in Blogger/blogspot? 

Short Answer is Yes. 

You can Find Lots of Indian Bloggers Driving Pretty Big Numbers of Traffic to Their websites.

They are Earning More than 700 Dollars Per Month with adsense. Ranking .Blogspot in Competitive Keywords 

Might take Life Time To Rank.

Search Keywords that have really low competition

that Your .blogspot site can Really Rank For.

If You Provide Really In-depth articles About the Certain Keywords You can Rank and SkyRocket Your Blogging Career With Blogger.

Solve Problems Emerging in your Niche To Really Make Your .blogspot Site Authoritative and Trust-worthy.

When to Choose Blogger Or WordPress?

In simple Word, Choose Blogger If you  want to start a blog for free.

If you have the Money to Purchase Hosting and Domain, Go with WordPress.

Before You Think Why Should I Waste My Money if I can Start a blog for Free?

You are Not Wasting Your Money, You’ve Invested Money in Your Career.

Blogger has Theme Customization Limitations that is a real Big draw back to work in Bloggger, 

You will Find no Plugins. In Other Hands WordPress is Rich in Features Let’s You Customize Theme, Install Plugins and Many more Other Things.

Your site will get deleted without Letting you know if you violate  their Guidelines/Rules. 

Blogger Handles All Back-end Process OF your Blog, Hosting is fast and Reliable as it is Hosted by Tech Giant Google.

On the Flip Side, You Will need to purchase

hosting and domain in order to Host a WordPress Site, 

Your site will really depend on Your hosting provider

for your blog back-end process.

You May Get successful in Blogger eventually you will Migrate towards WordPress to Really  Scale Up your Blogging Career.

There are no restrictions in WordPress Like you can see in Blogger/Blogspot.

Changing Theme in Blogger!

Go to Blogger >Theme Tab>Click in Backup and Restore>popUp will open>Upload The Theme (.xml) > click on upload Button 

I used ommag Template from Here.


You will Notice That Your Site Theme Is Changed.

After I Uploaded The Theme

My Blog Looked Like This.


Learn About SEO 

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the Process To Gain More Awareness and Make The Site Rank Higher in Search Engines to Attract Visitors To The Site.

If You Are Trying to Rank For Highly Competitive Keywords it can Take 6 Months to 1 year for SEO To Work.

Know About Google Sandbox

Every New Blog Gets in the Sandbox zone only and Only Consistent Blogger Gets Through The Zone Fast.

Tips to Get Out of Sandbox.

1.During The Sandbox Effect Write In-depth Articles .

During The Sandbox Period, Google is Figuring out What Your site is Really About

2.Post Article in Low Competition Keywords.

Like I Said Write In-depth Article in Low Competition Keyword,

It will help You Rank Higher and Gain Trust in the Eyes of Search Engine,

3.Have Patience During the SandBox Period.

SandBox Period Last from 3 months to 1 year.

You Can Find More Tips on Escaping From SandBox from This Site.

Some Ranking Factors of Google 

  • Secure, Accessible Website
  • Pages Speed That Includes (Mobile Page Speed)
  • Website Should be Mobile Friendly
  • Domain Age
  • Domain Authority
  • The Content Should Be Optimized
  • Technical SEO Should be Considered
  • Article Should be Written For Users Not for Search Engine
  • Link Building
  • Social Signals

Getting Traffic

Without Traffic Your Blog Will not grow Which is A Big Turn Off.

Your First 100 Visitors Are The Key to Grow Your Blog.

My Simple Strategy To Get Initial Days Traffic:

#Social Media 

You can Tell Your Friends To Share your Blog post Link or You Yourself Go to Facebook groups and Share Links There.

Tweet Your Latest Blog Post in Twitter.



Go to Forums and Answer The Questions And Provide Your Blog post Link 

And They Will get Redirected to your Blog Link.


Answering on Quora can Get you initial days Traffic.

You can Leave a Link in the Last section of Your Answer in Quora Without Spamming to Drive Traffic to Your Site.

After You are getting TRAFFIC To your site It's Time to MONETIZE Your Blog.

This Part is Crucial if you want to earn profit from your blog.

Earning Helps to Motivate a Blogger To Post More Valuable Contents that fulfills the customer intent.

Tips to Monetize Your Blog :

  1. Show Ads To Earn Some Revenue
  2. Start Affiliate Marketing
  3. Sell your Own Products like e-book, courses
  4. Sponsored Posts
  5. Paid Guest Posts 

Some Ad Networks That You Can Try:

  • Adsense
  • Media.net
  • RevenueHits
  • propeller ads
  • PopAds 

Before Submitting Your Site to any of the Ad Networks,

Read The Requirement First and only Submit( If You Randomly Submit Your Site Chance are You Will Get REJECTED!

Pros and Cons of Using Blogger

Here are the Honest Pros and Cons of Using Blogger!


  • 100% Up-time and Secure as Google Host your Blog.
  • Blogger is free but You will need a Custom Domain To Rank in the Long Term.
  • Blogger is simple and Beginner Friendly.
  • No technical knowledge needed like in WordPress.


  • There is No way to Install plugin in Blogger
  • You cannot Customize the Theme Like in WordPress.
  • You site will get Deleted if you Violate Google Terms and Conditions or Basically rules


Thus, I recommend using blogger only if you are tight on budget or Beginner to blogging,  in the long term WordPress is a Wise Choice.

Over To You!

Are You Going to Choose Blogger or WordPress to Start your Blog?

Do let me Know By Leaving a Quick Comment!

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