September 4, 2020

Tired of searching for what ISMOS  World Championship? 🙁

Today I am Going To Provide Information about the MOS World Championship.

Let's Dive In,

Many Students Around the world participate in the Mos Championship to showcase their skills.

Those who’ve won the championship are competing for high Market Jobs

Anybody Above 13 and Below 22 can  Compete in the Competition.


And The Question What is MOS Championship?

" The full Form of MOS is Microsoft Office Specialist. The championship is presented by Certiport is a Competition. "


That allows Eligible Students around the globe to test their skills on Office products like MS-Word, MS-Powerpoint, MS-Excel both 2019 and 2016,


For some countries students are required to Compete in National Championship to continue to The World Cup.

Basic Rules to Participate in Competition:

  • Students should be above 13 and below 22 in in-order to participate
  • You should agree to the Official Rules of The Championship.
  • You must have permission from your Parents To Participate in this Contest.
  • You should not be from Iran,north-Korea, Cuba, Crimea, Sudan, Libya, Syria, Somalia, and other Countries restricted by OFAC.
  • In the final round, Microsoft Office specialist Cannot compete in the final round in the same product, As you competed in Powerpoint, now you will compete in word or excel except Powerpoint
  • The contest is Taking place on Aug 2 2020 at 9;00 am PDT Zone in the U.S.

Interested Students, you Can read the Official Rules from here.

But Now, How to participate in the MOS World championship 🙁

Participants are Given a Copy of a PowerPoint presentation, word document, excel workbook  To recreate it.

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Participants Can compete in any of the above Products.

  • Powerpoint 2019 or 2016

  • Word 2019 or 2016
  • Excel 2019 or 2016

Students are required to complete the Exams in under 50 mins.

Prize of The Championship:

  • First Place holder will get $7,000 winners certificate along with Medal of the achievement and other prizes that are provided by the Microsoft.

  • Second Place holder will get $3,000, Medal of Certificate and Medal of Achievement.
  • The third placeholder will get $1,500 with a Medal of Achievement and Winners Certificate.


How is The winner Determined in MOS Championship?

The Participant that Receives the Highest Overall Score in the MOS exam is determined as a potential First Prize winner.

Then The Participant That Receives the Second Overall highest score is Determined as a Second prize winner and so on.

You can Find More Information at the official Website.


On about Aug 5, 2020, The Winner will be announced During the Award Ceremony At The Event, if the potential Winner is Disqualified second potential winner will be awarded.


To Receive the prize winner may have to submit the tax Documentation that is Requested by the sponsor or the tax authority.

How is the winner Eliminated from MOS Championship?

If the Participant provides false information within the context of the Contest by any participant mailing address, telephone number, email address, ownership of right, identity or non-compliance with these Rules or the like may result in the immediate elimination of the participant from the Championship.



I hope you enjoyed my new Article about MOS Championship.

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